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Prof. Ogunji Johnny

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    Fisheries and Aquaculture
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Prof Dr. Johnny Ogunji obtained a PhD in Aquaculture from Humboldt University Berlin Germany. He has been a Professor of Fish Nutrition since 2008. He is a Post Doctoral Fellow of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Germany. He is a Fellow Biotechnology Society of Nigeria. He worked as an assistant lecturer at Humboldt University Berlin Germany and Guest Scientist at Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries Berlin Germany (1999-2001). He joined Ebonyi State University (EBSU) Nigeria in 2002.

In addition to several other responsibilities in the University he served in EBSU as HOD FAQ (2008-2011). Pioneer Director, Directorate of Research (2012 – 2013); and Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies (2012–2014). Ogunji joined Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike (AE-FUNAI) in 2016. He was the Pioneer Dean, Faculty of Agriculture (2016–2017); Director Academic Planning (2017–2019); Director Centre for Educational Services (2019–2021). Director Centre for Internationalization, Advancement and Global Ranking (2021–date); Director Academic Planning (2022–); He was a member of Babcock University Governing Council (2016–2020).
He researches on alternative protein sources. He received a National Research Award (2011) for his work with Housefly Maggot Meal (Magmeal) as an alternative for fishmeal is fish and livestock diets.

Selected Publications (Articles and Journals)

S/N Publication(s)
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