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Dr. Onyeneke Robert

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Dr. Robert Ugochukwu Onyeneke has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics with specialization in Resource and Environmental Economics. He is a Reader of Resource and Environmental Economics in the Department of Agriculture, Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He has been actively engaged in research and teaching in Nigerian Universities for more than a decade. In his research, he seeks to understand the relationship between climate change and sustainable development, with the aim of designing and evaluating policies and programmes. To his credit are many research papers published in local and international journals, peer-reviewed book chapters and conference proceedings. Dr. Onyeneke has been involved in the development and review of climate change and agricultural policies and plans for the Federal and State governments in Nigeria. He has also served as an expert reviewer to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Selected Publications (Articles and Journals)

S/N Publication(s)
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