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Dr. Izuogu Rev Chibuzo

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    Faculty of Agriculture
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Selected Publications (Articles and Journals)

S/N Publication(s)
1 Izuogu, C. U., Olaolu, M. O., Azuamairo, G. C., Njoku, L. C.,Kadurumba, P.C. Agou, G. D. (2023). A Review of the Digitalization of Agriculture in Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Extension Vol 27 (2). 47-64.
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3 Chibuzo Uzoma Izuogu, Robert Ugochukwu Onyeneke, Loveday Chukwudi Njoku, Gillian Chidozie Azuamairo, Mary C Atasie and Munonye, Jane Onuabuchi (2021) Review of Opportunities and Challenges of Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services among Rural Farm Households in Nigeria during Pandemics. Asian Journal of Agricultural and Horticultural Research 6(3): 1-12, 2020; Article no.AJAHR.59005, ISSN: 2581-4478
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