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Dr. Obi Nneamaka

Lecturer Ii
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    Faculty of Agriculture
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    Obi Nneamaka researchgate. net
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    0000 0003 1937 5630


Dr. Joy Nneamaka Obi is the third in a family of five; 4 girls and a boy born to Late Chief Onwuagbaizu and Mrs Margaret Obi. Joy currently lives in Abakaliki, Nigeria. Prior to being a lecturer in Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ikwo, Joy has worked as Research associate with Institute of Public Policy and Management (IPPAM).
Joy loves reading, Research findings and Travelling.

Selected Publications (Articles and Journals)

S/N Publication(s)
1 Jane Munonye, Emeka Osuji, Michael Olaolu1, Anthony Okoisu, Joy Obi, Gladys Eze, Sikiru Ibrahim-Olesin, Loveday Njoku, Mark Amadi, Chibuzo Izuogu and Gillian Azuamairo (2022) “Perceived Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Food Security in Southeast, Nigeria”, Journal of Frontiers in Sustainable Food System,doi:10.33,89/fsufs.2022.936157.
2 Obi, J.N; Enete, A.A.; Munonye, J.O. (2021) ‘’Farm Households Level of Vulnerability to Extreme Weather Events in South-Eastern Nigeria’’ Afr.j.Food Agric. Nutri. Dev. 2021; (21) (2): 17450-17464,
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