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Mr. Gabriel Daniel

Assistant Lecturer
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    Faculty of Agriculture
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  • ORCID : 0003-4039-9493


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Selected Publications (Articles and Journals)

S/N Publication(s)
1 Izuogu, C. U., Olaolu, M. O., Azuamairo, G. C., Njoku, L. C.,Kadurumba, P.C. Agou, G. D. (2023). A Review of the Digitalization of Agriculture in Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Extension Vol 27 (2). 47-64.
2 Jane Munonye, Agu Kingley, Esiegwu Arthur & Gabriel Daniel Agou.Effects of Climate Change on Poultry Production in Ebonyi State, Nigeria (2023). East African Journal of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Vol. 6, issue 1,
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4 Emeka OSUJI, Christiana IGBERI, Charles ENYIA, Esther NWACHUKWU3, Roseline NWOSE, Adewale ADEOLU, Akunna TIM-ASHAMA , Geoffrey NKWOCHA , Amelia ELEAZAR, and Daniel GABRIEL (2023). IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON DAIRY MILK PRODUCTION IN NIGERIA. Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research. Volume 13, Issue 4: 246-252; July 27, 2023 DOI:
5 5. Munonye J. O., Osuji E. E., Nwachukwu E. U., Okpara B. O., Agou G. D. , Opaluwa H. I. , Offor E. I. , Nse Nelson F. A. , Amanze P. C. and , Aligbe J. O.. (2023). A Synthesis Review of Biofuel Industry in Nigeria: Between Opportunities and Challenges. Environment and Ecology Research, 11(4): 660-675, 2023 DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110412
6 6. Izuogu, C.U., Nwokpoku, J.O., Orugbala, M.A., Azuamairo, G.C., Njoku, L.C., Agou, G.D., Olesin- Ibrahim, S., Inyang, P.J., Onyeneke, J.C (2023) Awareness, access and utilization of certified seeds by rice farmers in Ebonyi State. Journal of Agricultural Extension 27(4) ), 77-
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